AARP Driver Safety Program
Learn how to assess and discuss your loved one's driving.
Is it time to have "the talk"?
Learn how to assess and discuss a
loved one's driving abilities as they age.
How do you know when it's time for your loved ones to hang up the keys?
It’s a tough subject for most families, but it's a serious matter. But now there's help. AARP offers an online seminar called We Need to Talk that will help you determine when it’s time to limit or stop your loved ones from driving.

This free online seminar provides practical tips and advice on how to recognize the tell-tale signs and how to approach the topic with your family. The seminar is taught in three simple modules that take approximately 30 minutes each. And since it’s online, you can set your own pace.
  1. The Meaning of Driving - Learn what driving means to older adults and the emotions involved with having to give it up.
  2. Observing Driving Skills - Learn to observe skills objectively and talk about alternatives to driving.
  3. Planning Conversations - Learn how to have “the talk” and identify alternative transportation to help a loved one stay connected and remain independent.
There's help where you need it. Take the free online seminar today! We Need to Talk is produced by AARP and is based on information created jointly by The Hartford and MIT AgeLab.
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