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What's Your Name Again?
One teacher's struggle to remember Krista, Kristen, and Krystel.
"Shut Up!"and Other Teaching No-Nos

Master educators say what they never, never (well, hardly ever) do.
Survival Pack
Your picks for must-have items.
NEA Today Express
Free Tech Toys
The Web tools you absolutely should try this year.

We Don't Have to Agree
But as we enter this school year, educators do have to build partnerships—within schools and with government leaders, says NEA President Dennis Van Roekel.

Ask Mr. Secretary
We took NEA members' questions—about NCLB, charter schools, layoffs, and more—to the Secretary of Education. Here's what he said.
The Census is coming, the Census is coming! Is your school ready?

The secret behind successful teacher-paraprofessional relationships.
H1N1 (swine flu): What educators need to know.
Download First Day Jitters free from NEA's Read Across America partner Kidthing.
Decorating Your High School Classroom
There is nothing worse than a student recognizing a poster that is intended for use in a middle school classroom but has been used in high school. I buy very little from the educational stores. Instead, I buy plants and fresh flowers and shop for inexpensive artwork at garage sales. I also make my own posters and put up a lot of the students' work.    ––from a high school English teacher
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